About Drone360 Surveys

We’re a passionate team of fully qualified and CAA approved, unmanned aerial vehicle pilots.

Drone360 Surveyors

Drone360 Surveyors pilots are selected for their skills and experience -both in drone operation and digital photography. Working with the very latest equipment they employ top quality SLR cameras upwards of 16 Megapixels, and record video in Ultra High Definition 4k (UHD 4k).

Civil Aviation Authority ARPAS UK Our pilots are fully CAA licensed for aerial work, and fully insured. In many cases where necessary, they are able to obtain rare CAA special permissions and exemptions, as required, to fly in tricky or congested areas where other less qualified pilots are simply not permitted to legally operate. We can assess any task and if it can be flown at all, it can be flown by a Drone360 Surveyors pilot.

Projects become a lot safer when nobody has to leave the ground to carry out work. We operate under strict health & safety guidelines, our first priority is the safety of people.

In a cost driven economy, it is essential to reduce overheads, our drone surveys provide a cost effective solution in comparison to conventional methods of accessing difficult areas of a building. There is no longer a requirement for large expensive equipment or the associated labour. With a time efficient drone survey you can see results sooner.

Building Expertise

At Drone360 Surveyors, we can also provide Chartered Building Surveying expertise via our sister company MLCS3. MLCS3 are a RICS (Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors) Regulated Company. Rics Our team of Chartered Building surveyors operate throughout the UK and in many cases accompany our pilots to undertake the survey and provide a detailed survey report for the client.